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Street Workout World aims to cover everything about Street Workout and Calisthenics. With programs for training and nutrition, a shop selling clothing and equipment and articles, will keep you fitter, stronger and more informed about this sport.



Street Workout World is a new and growing brand in the world of Street Workout and Calisthenics, selling high quality clothing and workout equipment. In addition to this, we offer online articles and information about this sport. We would like you to be a part of our journey.

Our name is really self explanatory. We love this sport and method of training, and aim to bring people from all around the world together to celebrate our passion with us. This is clearly demonstrated in our logo which contains the initials 'SWW' pointing upwards inside a circle which represents the world. SWW points upwards for a reason. This sport is all about positivity, self improvement and lifting ourselves up; both mentally, and often physically, with the exercises we perform. We know how powerful Street Workout is as a lifestyle choice.


Resistance Bands are an essential part of any Street Workout and Calisthenic athlete's kit. They can form the basis of any home workout but can also can be used to take your outdoor or gym workout to the next level.

We provide sets of high quality resistance bands at an excellent price. A full set of five bands comes complete with a carrier bag and will help you to become progressively stronger until your goals.


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