Parallel bar dips are a great way to work the muscles in the chest and do so from a different angle than other body weight exercises like push ups. They also work out your triceps, your shoulders and your abdominals.

Parallel bar dips

How to:

  • Hold on to the parallel bars and jump up so that your arms are straight (there may be a step up if performing these in a gym).
  • Lean forward slightly and then slowly lower your body until the point that your shoulders are level with or just below your elbows and your upper arm is at around 90 degrees to your forearm.
  • Push back up, straightening your arms until your elbows are locked out.

You can then perform repetitions of this.


Parallel dips are not a particularly advanced exercise however if you do struggle to perform these then there are easier variations which will allow you to build up to them, like bench dips. Alternatively you could practice performing ‘negative reps’ (i.e. starting at the top of the movement and practicing to lower down slowly without yet pushing back up).