Pull Ups

I’m going to make a pretty bold assertion:

Practising Street Workout and Calisthenics is one of the best, if not the best, way for someone to become lean, fit and strong.

It’s a big claim so what makes me say it?

Here are five reasons:

Street Workout and Calisthenics is tough – It just isn’t easy to lift and control your own bodyweight. But as in life, what challenges us the most make us stronger and provides the biggest rewards. Back when I used to weight train in gyms, I noticed that everyone preferred to use the lat pulldown machine to work their back and biceps rather than attempt to lift their bodyweight by performing pull ups. Why? Because pull ups would be harder. But by following and committing to the right program we can all learn to perform bodyweight exercises like pull ups, and when we do, the rewards in terms of our strength, fitness and physique are going to be big.

We can build muscle, strength, power and endurance together – With Street Workout and Calisthenics you can combine high rep sets, strength and power movements and static holds into one workout or program.

There is no way to lie to yourself – If your main form of exercise is weight training then even if you put on some body fat due to a more ‘relaxed’ diet then your strength may not be affected. With street workout and calisthenics, if you put on body fat and then you will soon know about it as your workout will become that bit more difficult. There is no kidding yourself and you will tend to become a bit more conscious about eating well and living healthily in general so that your workouts do not suffer.

It is fun – If you enjoy something then you will be much more likely to stick at it and see results. Street Workout and calisthenics offers so much variety, and as they say, variety is the spice of life. You can focus on power and strength movements or you can go the freestyle route…or you can combine the two. There is always something new to try and work on. Pull ups, muscle ups, static holds like front levers and back levers, hand stands, pistol squats, weighted moves…the list goes on. If you get bored of practising one thing, you can simply try something else.

You can train anywhere – It is called ‘Street’ Workout for a reason. You can train outdoors, on the street, in the park, at the beach, at home or at the gym. As long as you have some basic equipment like a bar to pull up on then you are good to go. And even if you don’t have a pull up bar handy then there are still many bodyweight exercises which you can still do. The advantages of being able to train anywhere are great. It can mean avoiding expensive gym fees but more than that, training outdoors does, I believe, offer excellent mental health benefits. What’s more, if you travel and are on the road a lot, there is no problem, your gym is everywhere.

Try it.

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