Street Workout Resistance Bands – Full Set

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Street Workout and Calisthenics resistance bands will help you make progress in just about any exercise and in many skills. A resistance band can help you get your first pull up or muscle up, and can provide assistance when learning how to do a front lever or a planche. They can also provide resistance to standard bodyweight exercises like push ups, dips or squats, so are perfect for gaining muscle and strength. Finally, the thinner bands are great for flexibility and mobility work, or for injury rehabilitation.

A full set of resistance bands is clearly a must for any Street Workout/Calisthenics athlete.

Our bands are versatile and portable and made from strong, high quality latex. There are five different levels and if your purchase them as a set then they also come with a carrying bag.

Five Different Levels:

①YELLOW – Light (5-15lb resistance) Size: 208*0.64*0.45CM

②RED – Light (15-35lb resistance) Size: 208*1.3*0.45CM

③BLACK – Medium (25-65lb resistance) Size: 208*2.1*0.45CM

④PURPLE – Strong (35-85lb resistance) Size: 208*3.2*0.45CM

⑤GREEN – Strongest (50-125 lb resistance) Size: 208*4.5*0.45CM






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2 reviews for Street Workout Resistance Bands – Full Set

  1. Nathan Bacardi

    Bought the green and red bands and making very good progress will my pull ups!

  2. Camilo Lana

    Good resistance bands. Ordered the set so i can do flexibility and strength work. They help a lot!

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