Cardio exercise and street workout

Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise which raises your heart rate for a sustained period of time.
It’s what most people have in mind when they think about ‘getting fit’. This is because cardio exercise conditions our bodies to use oxygen more efficiently, and as a result provides excellent health benefits including a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, a longer life span and a better functioning body in general.

Typical cardio workouts might include running, cycling, skipping or rowing.

Street workout training raises your heart rate very intensely, but because of the strength needed many of us take a longer period of rest between sets, in order to do our best when we are on the bars or training for that new static move. This is actually a good thing because it allows us to give our all on that one set which is how we improve and also helps us to focus on good form which reduces the likelihood of injury.

But, if we train like this then it makes sense to also add some cardio specific workouts both for our general general health but also because doing so can help us achieve our street workout goals quicker.

If you never do cardio then you may notice yourself feeling weak and shaky after just one or two intense sets, as your heart struggles to supply the oxygen to your muscles following the work you have just demanded of them. Teaching your body to to cope with a higher heart rate and to use oxygen more efficiently should provide you with more energy throughout your workouts.

There is also the benefit that cardiovascular exercise (when combined with a good diet) can keep your bodyweight down which is of course a benefit for street workout and calisthenics. You do however want to ensure that you are not overdoing it because if you are burning too much energy, and in a large calorie deficit then you will also probably lose some muscle and strength. It’s important to find a balance that works for you.

Finally, cardio workouts like running and cycling can provide a great leg workout in their own right. So, make sure you add least some cardio to your training.

One Thought on “The benefits of adding cardio exercise to your street workout and calisthenics training”

  • Calisthenics move : Bodyweight dips are one of the ultimate moves in calisthenics. They will work your arms like not many other exercise can but should you lean forward a bit, they can also work your pecs too. Killer move.

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