The front lever is a static move which involves bringing the body completely horizontal to the ground while holding on to either an overhead bar or set of rings. Holding this horizontal position requires a good amount of core and upper body strength so this is quite an advanced move.

Muscles Used
The main muscle groups used are the abdominals but strong back muscles will also make it much easier to achieve the front lever.

How to:

The hands should be around shoulder width apart and facing downwards and you should have a tight grip around the bar or rings. Push down to engage the rest of the body with tension.

The back, chest and abdominal’s must be tight throughout the move and the shoulders should be in a natural position with the scapula remaining retracted and depressed (more on this?)

Squeeze your leg muscles and point your toes out, keeping the hips level with the rest of your body so that it looks horizontal.

Tips for achieving the front lever

1. You will need a certain level of strength before attempting the front lever. Aim to first be able to perform 10-15 pull ups and 10-15 leg raises.

2. Use progressions to build up to performing a full front lever. The shorter you make your body and the less weight you are holding away from the bar, the easier the move will be so try performing a tucked front lever and a one legged front lever first.