Handstand press on bars

So many people give up. They start something new and then and they become obsessed with it for a few weeks or months. Then life gets in the way or they just lose interest. And when that happens they also their results.

Street workout is like this. If you want to get results then you can’t just start and stop whenever you feel like it…you have to be consistent. Street workout is hard on your body and requires both your nervous system and your muscles to adapt in order to become stronger. I’ve noticed that it only takes around 8-9 days away from training before your body starts to become weaker. Mentally it is tough to stay motivated when you only ever see yourself back around the same point that you started.

If you are consistent however then you can keep getting stronger and building on the foundations which you have already set. Remind yourself of this and how the long breaks from training will only hurt you.

There are obviously some exceptions; if you are injured, or if you have been training particularly hard for a long period of time. On these occasions it is a good thing to listen to your body and let it recover by performing more gentle workouts for a short period of time (or however long your injury takes to heal).

Generally you need a training plan that is enjoyable and therefore one that you can sustain. When you have that then you can become stronger than you thought possible at the start.

If you want information on training programs then keep an eye out on this site – we will be posting some soon. In the meantime feel free to contact us to have a personalised training program written for you.

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